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We offer the ultimate horseback riding and fly fishing experiences that Northern Patagonia has to offer. Located on a private estancia, family owned and operated since 1908, we offer unique experiences for clients with a passion for high-end, authentic, active travel. we provide authentic itineraries for our guests to explore and enjoy the real Patagonia.We create the ultimate horse riding and fly fishing experiences in the heart of Argentina’s Northern Patagonia on an exclusive, family owned and operated estancia.

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AGUSTINA LAGOS MÁRMOL - Co-Founder & Operations Manager, Caballadas ISABEL LAGOS MÁRMOL - Lodge Manager SANTIAGO URIBURU - Head Guide Here at Caballadas, we believe in the value of sharing our love of natural places and local cultures with others – but also know we need to take care of them if they are to be here for future generations.

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Our Fly Fishing Trips

Experience the most exclusive Fly Fishing Trips in Northern Patagonia at Caballadas!

Caballadas covers over 14 kilometers of pristine river waters, several creeks, and a lake. The property plays host to one of the most exclusive fly-fishing rivers in Patagonia, the Quillen, famous among dry fly fanatics. The wide variety of water structure and bottoms provide a perfect habitat for a good population of trout, where abundant browns and rainbows are actively feeding and rising through most of the season.


Our Horse Riding Trips

Caballadas offers the ultimate Horse Riding Experiences in Northern Patagonia!

Our horse riding trips take you to the heart of the Andes. We ride on our private ranch through the mountains, crossing hidden valleys and alongside beautiful lakes. We cross rivers and creeks, entering enchanted forests with ancient monkey puzzle trees, and spend nights camping under the stars at our secluded campsites. Riding to the tops of the hills and mountains you can admire the breathtaking views of the Andes, and get up close and personal with the mighty Lanín Volcano.

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Patagonia’s best-kept secret, Caballadas is located to the north of Lanín National Park, the most secluded and scenic part of the Patagonia Lake District in Argentina.


At Caballadas, we treat every guest as if they were part of our own family – and we should know! We are passionate about horses, wildlife, riding, and fishing in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it shows.

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